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February 19, 2019

photo of Nick Myers presents: AI & Voice Assistants: The Future of Marketing

AI & Voice Assistants: The Future of Marketing
By Nick Myers

-What exactly is AI and how does it work?
-How is voice technology reshaping how brands engage with customers?
-How will voice assistants change the way we search for information and review content?

It is almost impossible to not have heard about how AI and voice assistant tech is/will be changing everything. The way that organizations and businesses communicate and interact with their customers is entering a new paradigm shift. Organizations must be aware and learn how to adapt to these rapid advances in technology to go where their customers will ultimately be going; voice and the internet.

During our time together, I’ll share a variety of things. First, I will cover a high-level overview of what makes AI tick, and how it ultimately is responsible for voice assistant tech. I will also go over some case studies of different organizations that have used voice technology to connect with their customers, and how organizations can expect the way that they interact with their audiences to substantially change.

If you are interested in the future of one-to-one customer engagement, then join us and learn what AI and voice assistant tech will mean for your business.

MEET OUR EXPERT – Nick Myers           

photo of Nick Myers presents: AI & Voice Assistants: The Future of Marketing
Nick Myers presents: AI & Voice Assistants: The Future of Marketing

Nick Myers is the owner, founder, and Creative Director of RedFox Creative in Madison, Wisconsin. RedFox Creative is an innovative digital and experiential marketing consulting agency that focuses on integrating new technology with digital marketing tactics to help brands engage with their audiences in unforgettable ways.

Nick has embraced his status as a “Millennial Marketer,” and at the age of 23, has become an expert in digital marketing strategy, social media, and leveraging technologies like 360° Video and Voice Assistants to tell stories and create new experiences for people. Nick has also recently begun producing content and videos for LinkedIn to share his knowledge and experiences, and to help others in identifying their passion.

In his free time, you won’t find Nick drinking wine and eating avocado toast. Instead, Nick is constantly on the go and enjoys meeting new people, speaking, and learning from other industry professionals. Nick also enjoys spending time with his family and close friends, reading, playing the occasional PlayStation 4 game, checking out new local restaurants, and traveling as much as he can.

Nick Myer’s Contact Information:
Site: Red Fox Creative
Email: nickm (at) redfoxcreate (dot) com
Phone: 630-414-1117

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***ITINERARY Friday, February 22, 2019***

9:15 Registration & Open Networking
9:30 Presentation by Nick Myers
10:45 Open Networking

Your attendance means you accept being shown on tape.

Keith Klein
Owner, OnYourMark, LLC

Come Join Us!***


About the author 

Keith Klein

Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners meetup group with monthly Lunch & Learns for 10+ years

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