WisOwners – Wisconsin Business Owners

WisOwners – Wisconsin Business Owners develop enhanced personal and business  relationships in a learning environment.

Our Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup is a ” Lunch and Learn ” held on the last Friday of the month from January through October and the 1st Friday in December.   We often hold special in-depth morning sessions on the same days.  Typically a number of members stay after events to exchange ideas, referrals and enjoy general conversation.



WisOwners - Speaker Tom Fuszard at a Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn.

WisOwners – Speaker Tom Fuszard at a Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn. FREE to join!

Fees are only for events you register to attend.  No obligations, except to receive an average of two emails per Wisconsin Business Owners event (only one email per event if you RSVP to the first one).


See our message boards for more resources for WisOwners – Wisconsin Business Owners.


We have free drawings (often with over $500 worth of goods and services!) at virtually every Lunch & Learn!


For more info on WisOwners 

WisOwners Organizer Keith Klein

For more info on WisOwners – Wisconsin Business Owners – please call Keith at 262-820-8201 (google voice) or 262-853-7900 (cell).

- Wisconsin Business Owners –  please call Keith at 262-820-8201 (google voice) or 262-853-7900 (cell).   Your suggestions and questions are welcome, including speaker suggestions.


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